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The services provided by us ensure that each customers infrastructure is fully integrated and working in the best possible way to maximize return on investment. Our core consultancy services include:


Project Management

With many years experience, our consultants manage your projects to ensure work is completed on time and within budget to the highest standards.


Server Upgrades

We offer customers a service of seamlessly upgrading to a new server to reduce the risk of lengthy downtime, thereby improving your network operations.


Database Management

We can maintain your database and keep your system running in peak condition, letting you get back to managing your business.


Software Integration

No matter if it is a new installation or an upgrade, our consultants ensure your software is installed properly to maximize its benefit and provide your business with a fully functional information system.


Telecommunication Solutions

To improve overall efficiencies, we offer customers the convenience of telecommunication services such as VPN, remote access facilities.


Business Software Analysis

To keep pace with today's dynamic business environment, we offer customers the opportunity to review their existing processes and market conditions with the aim of developing more effective business processes.


Network and Hardware Design

Whether designing a network for a new office or modifying an existing layout to better meet the needs of a growing business, we have the skills to ensure your network is designed to best suit your requirements.


Contingency Planning & Disaster Recovery

This service aims to protect customers from unexpected data loss by preparing customized disaster recovery plans. These plans ensure that in the unfortunate event of a system crash, you are back up and running in the shortest possible time. In case of data corruption or loss, our consultants can assist to recover or rebuild the data wherever possible.