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Having the right tools to stay engaged with your business is crucial for a sustainable competitive advantage. Many small businesses face significant challenges when it comes to keeping pace with the adoption of technology due to the upfront financial investments required and so are unable to access the best tools for their business.

The Software as a Service (S.A.A.S) solution is introduced. This software rental licensing will reduce major investments provided that your Co-op has high speed Internet.


Summary of Features and Benefits:

  • No major capital investment
  • Monthly fee is an operation expense
  • No monthly fee increase during the first contract period
  • After the initial contract, the service can be cancelled at any time with a written notice
  • Complete data ownership - no worries about data exposure to unwanted third party or competitors' scruntinization without consent, no dependence on internet connection and speed variables, data never leaves your premises without your approval
  • Complete peace of mind - the source code is residing on your server for customization and security purposes
  • Help readily available - Dependable User Group is always available to answer any questions if necessary
  • Custom programming available at a reduced rate
  • Inexpensive On-demand Remote Training
  • Fees are charged beginning in the 3rd month after installation
  • Remove the burden of day-to-day IT management, giving you the time and resources to focus on your core business
  • Use the best tools to stay engaged with your businesses performance
  • Always access the most up-to-date version of the software
  • Be confident your business data is secure and backed up off-site