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Our solutions are not just about technology. The reality is that a successful solution requires a synergistic integration of people, process and technology. That’s why we offer a full "Single Vendor Solution" around our software offerings, which includes comprehensive and effective integration, implementation, training and support.

Industries Served:

  • Rural Gas Billing
  • Rural Power Billing
  • Rural Water Billing
  • Warehouse Distribution
  • Services Retail
  • Dental Laboratory & Billing

Services Provided:

  • Complete Turnkey Solutions
  • Networking and Connectivity
  • Server with RAID 1 disk
  • Internet Firewall Monitoring
  • E-Commerce and VPN
  • Secure off-site data backup
  • Remote System Support



Our implementations rely on detailed planning, experienced and knowledgeable resources who deliver high quality in each service area, and proactive communication throughout the project rollout.



We understand how important prompt and effective support is to the long term partnerships with our customers. That is why we offer our customers multiple points of contact for any situations that may arise.


Data Management

We provide import the external data to our applications and database tuning periodically.

Custom Programming

Due to continually changing business needs, We offer customers access to unique development services as well as ongoing enhancements to application modules functionality


We, team of consultants, can assist your staff to derive the maximum benefits that we can bring to your business, be this from a technology, process or knowledge perspective.


Website Development

Our design team can provide website design and hosting in our Web server.