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Unform is a powerful document management tool, designed to integrate document production, archiving, enhanced formatting, and workflow management seamlessly into any software application. 

Unform watches your print jobs, such as invoices, statements, balance sheets, even custom reports. The intelligent text analyzer determines what job is printing, and applies enhancements and print control to the job before sending it on to a printer, file, fax, or other compatible device. To bring document production and delivery costs down to zero.

With document archiving and scanning, your trade documents, reports, and related external documents are easily navigated for analysis or delivery, via a zero-install web browser interface, or via a powerful, programmable command-line oriented interface.

Summary of Features and Benefits:                                   

  • Great savings over pre-printed forms
  • Never having to purchase a pre-printed form again
  • Easy implementation into an organization’s existing workflow
  • Solution for any company that prints using a formatted output
  • No more printer jams because dot-matrix printers are no longer needed
  • Unform’s capabilities also extend to storing, emailing and faxing graphical versions of your invoices and statements 
  • Forms are distributed automatically and electronically instead of using multi-part forms
  • With electronic delivery of documents, savings are even greater by eliminating manual handling and postage
  • PDF versions of your reports can be viewed via Intranet
  • Item costing can be added to a copy of an invoice that can be routed to the accounting department
  • The ship-to information from a packing list can be used to produce a mailing label
  • Virtually any task that can be driven from your printed data can be accomplished with Unform