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Most software implementations will involve many of the same critical components and have a common goal of implementing in a cost effective, timely and risk adverse manner.  The “Outliner” methodology is one that allows the customer to tailor their implementation to their own unique circumstances.  No implementation is ever exactly the same as another and to expect them to be is simply unrealistic.  It is critical that the implementation team leverage off previous experiences, both good and bad, to tailor the schedule, deliverables and processes to the specific needs of each customer.

Outliner encourages customers to take on a very active role in all phases of the implementation process but also allows the customer to minimize their involvement to more of an authorization role during the set-up, conversion, balancing and testing phases.  The level of MC System’s involvement in each of these phases depends entirely on the model the customer chooses to implement.


Outline of Components


         General Acceptable Principle  Analysis

         Project Management

         Implementation Support

         Hardware Installation & Configuration

         Software Installation & Configuration

         Product Configuration & Basic Set-Ups

         Software Modifications

         Software Interfaces






         Forms & Reporting

         Parallel Processing


         Final Acceptance