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The ODBC or open database connectivity module offers an easy way to obtain complex data quickly from any data file using any Microsoft Windows based application or any other ODBC compliant software.

The ODBC interface has emerged as the standard mechanism for client applications to access data from a variety of different sources through a single SQL-based interface. This single interface insulates the various programs from the difference between the data source.

If you can use products like Microsoft Excel, Access or Seagate's Crystal Reports you have all the data available and you can produce any management reports required.

Summary of Features & Benefits: 

  • Build complex customized reports with data from any module
  • Produce graphs and charts directly from the data in seconds
  • Conduct a mail merge for sending a form letter to all customers or suppliers
  • Extract data from the general ledger module for unlimited forecasting and analysis applications
  • Save time and money getting valuable information
  • Perform ad hoc queries on the run